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The Village Maintenance Department provides many of the services that you as residents of the Village receive. This division of the Village is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the streets and keeping them clear of ice and snow, collecting leaves in the fall, and storm and sewer maintenance.  Our Maintenance Department is also responsible for our Water Treatment Plant and our Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Village of West Unity Wastewater Treatment Plant

The West Unity Wastewater Treatment Plant is responsible for all service and repair to the main collection system only. When a customer installs a new sewer line they provide all supplies, material and labor. Approval for a sewer tap must be obtained from the Village and the proper fee must be paid before installation begins. The final inspection and approval of the new sewer tap is done by the Village. Information on installation of a sewer line is available from the Village Administrator at (419) 924-2215.

The resident(s) is responsible for all repairs and maintenance of all sewer service lines up to the point of connection to the Village’s main sewer, including the sewer tap.

Village of West Unity Water Treatment Plant

Projects and Notification

When at all possible, prior notice will be delivered to your residence to notify you of any shut-off of service that may occur. However, in an emergency situation, this may not be possible. We regret these situations, but a main break or a damaged hydrant can cause back-siphoning and contaminate the entire water system. Flooding of streets and property is hazardous and costly. These are the situations that are high priority and demand immediate attention. We ask you to be patient if this occurs in your neighborhood. We will do our best to correct the problem and restore service as soon as possible.

Find Your Main Control Valve

Every home, apartment, and business should have a main control valve. In an emergency, such as a broken line, use this valve to shut off water to the entire house. If there is an emergency, you will need to act fast, so it is a good idea to mark your valve with a colorful ribbon, tape or paint so you can find it quickly. Before marking it, test it to be sure it is the correct valve and that it is in proper working order. If it is not working properly, call a plumber to repair or replace it. Maintenance of the valve is the responsibility of the homeowner, and keeping it in good repair is vital if there is any kind of plumbing leak or pipe breakage. The ability to locate the valve quickly and shut off the water will not only save you money on your next bill but may minimize damage to the property as well.

Water shut-off and reconnection for non payment  $50.00
Water shut-off for vacation or winter relocation $25.00 

Water reconnection upon return from vacation or winter relocation $25.00

There is a fee for installation of a water tap. The fee includes all material, labor and machinery. Costs are subject to change and can be verified by contacting the Village Administrator at (419) 924-2215. The residential ¾” tap fee is $450.00, a 1” tap fee is $500.00.

*The charge for all larger taps above the size of one-inch shall be the actual cost of all materials, including the meter, and labor costs involved in installing the tap.


The cost to install a sewer tap is $250.00, and must be paid before the work is started.

The cost to repair or replace a water meter damaged due to tampering, abuse, negligence, freezing or backflow is the responsibility of the customer. The actual cost varies according to the repair work necessary and whether replacement costs are involved. There may also be additional costs associated with penalties and/or fines for the damages as discussed in Ohio Law (O.R.C. 4933.19).

Any check returned to us will be assessed a $25.00 fee.

Building Permit....................... $10.00

Zoning Change....................... $225.00
Zoning Variance.....................  $125.00
Conditional Use......................  $125.00
Lot split.................................  $125.00
Temporary Occupancy............   $25.00
Sign Permit............................  $10.00
Animal (Ordinance 505.011)....  $25.00

Billing Calculation

Billing is calculated using 2 rates:

The base rate is a fixed amount, not dependent on usage. This pays for the infrastructure necessary to provide quality water and to properly treat sewage. Infrastructure is comprised of personnel, facilities, utilities, insurance, licensing fees, etc. These are costs that must be paid in order to maintain day to day operations, no matter the usage or number of customers.

The rate based on usage is flexible: It is dependent on # of gallons used. This pays for variable costs; supplies and materials to treat water or sewage. These costs are directly related to usage.


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